From the way we cultivate, to the packaging and farm wildlife. We really care about the environment…

We really do care for our watercress farm and the environment around us…

We have all sorts of wildlife on and around our organic watercress farm


Our trays that we pack our fresh watercress into are 100% recyclable and are made from recycled plastic drink bottles

Our packaging changes explained.

We have reached a point where we cannot continue to produce bunched
watercress as we did. We have written the statement below to explain
the changes that we have made.

As a small family farm we have been supplying UK retailers with our
organic watercress for many years in a bunch pack, hand cut and hand
Unfortunately, however, we are now finding it increasingly difficult
to get employees to harvest the watercress by hand. It is a back
breaking process which involves being bent over for up to 5 hours a
day and is a skill that takes up to three years to obtain.
Staff welfare is of paramount importance to us and this method of
cutting could no longer continue.
We have additionally been challenged through changes in food safety
legislation to look at how we can get our organic cress to market as
safely as possible, ensuring as long a shelf life as we can and
reducing waste of both packaging and watercress.
We have therefore invested heavily in a new packing machine and
machinery with which we can harvest the organic watercress
mechanically and have become SALSA accredited that confirms the safety
and hygiene of our new harvesting and packing processes.
To produce bunched watercress, the cress is handled 4 times before it
is packed and the vertical packing process wastes significant amounts
of film which is not recyclable currently.
Mechanically harvesting the cress is a much more efficient process.
There is no waste, and the cress bed is left in good condition which
encourages stronger and more even regrowth.
Using this alternative method of harvesting and packaging, the film we
use has been drastically reduced, we are no longer using rubber bands
and the cress is only handled once, therefore is not bruised which
helps to lengthen shelf life.
Sustainability is important to us and we have moved to using a tray
that is made from 100% waste plastic, that itself is totally
recyclable, hence reusing waste that has already been created. We have
additionally  reduced the thickness of the film we use by 30%, another
important environmental saving.
We are very proud of the changes we have made thus far and continue to
research and develop our processes.

We hope you enjoy our watercress for many years to come.
Wishing you all the very best from John, Anne and Simon Hurd and all at John Hurd’s Organic  Watercress


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